Come join our Kingdom devoted to featuring rising creatives in Los Angeles and beyond! In efforts to follow suit to flatten the curve of this virus, we're doing our part by cancelling our March events and putting a pin in our events until things return to normal. With that said, we want to help you find some peace and de-stress in all of this, so co-founder @sutoscience will be doing free yoga classes via @yogafortvwriters Instagram live as well as on our YouTube. We're also organizing some online jam sessions and ways for us all to stay connected even when the ground seems to shift beneath our feet. We're here for you, we care about you. This kingdom still belongs to all of us in times of unease. <3

In a period of pitching and creating new content for sale, I am working on expanding my portfolio of prose, poetry, and short fiction (see my portfolio). Please contact me to read any of my HR. LONG TV DRAMA PILOTS, to read my HISTORICAL BIO PIC, or for a pitch meeting. I also provide private lessons and workshops and coverage.



SCARS goes to the Idyllwild Film Festival and THROW LIKE A GIRL places in the Beverly Hills Film Festival. To follow my projects, check out their IG pages:


IG: @throwlikeagirl_film


@beyondthe cracks