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My name is Flannery Maney! I'm originally from Ohio, did a year at Denison and then landed my first industry job in casting. I moved to LA to pursue my dream of working in TV and film. 

Since then I've had several jobs which have left me with a variety of skills. I worked as an associate for a casting office as well as at Sony Pictures, I took time to study theatre in London at RADA, then I began my pursuit of writing back in Los Angeles.


I assisted Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, the brilliant Horror writers behind 'Jigsaw' and 'Piranha 3D'. I was also staffed on a show called 'Kat & Bare'. My short film, 'NEW YEAR NEW ME' was directed by Oscar winner Chris Overton. While pursuing acting, I booked co-stars on the FOX show, 'Mulaney', the Nickelodeon show, 'Buccaneer Galaxy', and a series lead on a YouTube Red comedy sketch show. 

Now I develop TV shows, pitch to networks and production companies, and help other writers with their passion projects. I spent years learning how to pitch and years in writers' groups and classes.

I co-founded the media company KINGDOM OF PAVEMENT, and produced the films THROW LIKE A GIRL, BEYOND THE CRACKS, and SCARS. I co-founded the band ALICE BLOOM and I'm the vocalist behind the duo.

As a freelancer, I have a lot of diverse skills. Currently, I'm working as a WEB DESIGNER, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER, and FREELANCE WRITER. If you're looking for your project or pitch to have a perfect polish, or if you're looking for professional support, I'm your girl! I still work as an actor and in voice over; check out my portfolios in these various fields under my WORK WITH ME tab. I have everything from blog posts, poetry, and articles on this site, or reach out to read a script! Please visit https://flannerymaney.medium.com/ to read more.

I have a really exciting project coming up and a novel debuting, so join my mailing list if you want to stay in the know about new developments! Or just join so we can bond about running, travel, painting and more :) Most of all, wishing you this 2020 world.   



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