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In 1931, a 17-year-old girl named Jackie Mitchell struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back-to-back. Four days later, all women were banned from the Major League and baseball declared "too strenuous” for females. A lot has changed since 1931, but gender equality still hasn’t been fully embraced. The wage gap rages on despite hopeful strides forwards.


Now, the true story of Jackie Mitchell comes to life, juxtaposed with the modern day story of Tanya Benter, a girl dreaming of playing in the Majors. ‘THROW LIKE A GIRL’ is the short film that has finally given Jackie the recognition she deserves and hope her legacy can continue to inspire young women today. ’THROW LIKE A GIRL’ is the sports movie we’ve been waiting for….and “the greatest baseball story never told.”

'THROW LIKE A GIRL' is currently being developed into a feature. Please contact Gregory Shelby (contact below) for more ways to get involved. The film has placed at The Santa Fe Film Festival, SCAD, Lonestar, Female Eye, the Culver City Film Festival, and the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

throw like a girl

Shortly after escaping an abusive relationship, Jessica takes refuge in her sister's home. But one night, as she is enjoying a bath, she hears someone break in downstairs. Trapped in a claustrophobic bathroom, Jessica must use her wit and resilience to survive the night. This horror short film has is suspenseful and cinematic from start to finish.

"BEYOND THE CRACKS" is Daniel Bruington's directorial debut. We follow a young woman, played by Marisa Davila, who's home alone taking a bath when she hears an intruder break in downstairs. A capable girl caught in an impossible situation. Scary, right? But the scariest part---this situation could happen to anyone.

The short had phenomenal festival success, premiering at the Austin Film Festival. We are excited to see it travel to other festivals coming up. "BEYOND THE CRACKS" is currently being developed into a feature. Please reach out to Daniel Bruington (contact below) for more info.

SCARS is a short psychological thriller about Lucy, a suicidal young woman who is being held in isolation in a psych ward. She wakes up in the middle of the night to find a mysterious stranger in her room. As Lucy struggles to unravel the mystery of the man's identity, she discovers he has a dark secret that inexplicably binds them together.


SCARS is adapted from the chilling stage play written by award-winning playwright, Jeff Locker. Nicole---Jones Dion brings the story to life as Director. The film has received awards and placed in festivals like Dances with Films, the Idyllwild Film Festival, the Culver City Film Festival, the Katra Film Series, the San Pedro International Film Festival, and Annabelle Munro's Most Important Films.

Nicole----Jones Dion is an accomplished screenwriter and director. She has a full slate of projects coming up. Please email her if you'd like to support her creative work.

beyond the cracks


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