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Anne, But First Crystals

"The first thing I think of when working with Flannery is how much value she gave at all times. She listened deeply to what I wanted, was open for adjustments and feedback, and gave me perfectly targeted angles from which to approach social media (I can easily get overwhelmed by all the things I *could* do, and she pared it down for what’s most important based on my goals). Flannery wanted to truly understand my business and niche, and it was really touching that she wanted to get personally involved. Since she dove into my niche in such a genuine and open way, Flannery was able to highlight incredibly creative ideas to implement, in actionable ways. I think this is often overlooked when working with a company or person who manages/supports your social media - actually taking the time to understand the customers, the vibe, and the niche itself. 5 stars without question."

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Catherine, Bank of New York Mellon

"Flannery helped me learn more about media and how to use it in my personal life and professional life simultaneously. I never understood how to use hashtags to my advantage before working with Flannery!

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Nicole, Weider Entertainment

I love my site!! Amazing job! It's exactly what I wanted.